Terrandor: Wake of the Gods

The Adventure Begins
Episode 1

The party starts at an Imperial Villa in the southern region of the Concordant Empire.
The members are Kronen Emberstoke, Eli Emberstoke, Hal’vok Mokaar, and their ward Karith Narukhan. Nikko Moonhunter was separated from the group at this time.

  • The party starts out on a hunt for a cougar that has been taking animals from the villa. They are accompanied by two hobgoblin soldiers.
  • The party kills the cougar.
  • The party is surprised by a surprise dinner guest. A bear.
  • Yogi steals the cougar hide from Hal-vok, gives group a contemptuous look, and leaves.
  • The party heads back to the villa.
  • The party finds the villa in ruins and everyone dead. It has been booby trapped and what wasn’t stolen was fouled. Find an arrow. They find a spell in the cellar that is set to destroy the villa. They run. It explodes.
  • The party starts heading north toward Fort Inevitable.
  • They encounter a caravan of the dwarven merchant company, Incarta. The caravan leader is a dwarf named Droz. The dwarves agree to let the party accompany them on the trail north.
  • Kronen befriends Droz and is given a cask of “Under-brew” with the Incarta Purity Seal.
  • They also encounter a tinkerer by the name of Erol. Kronen has the tinkerer sharpen a dagger of his, and tips him extra because “It’s bad luck to meet a tinkerer on the road and not purchase goods or services from them.” Get’s some info on Fort Inevitable.
  • Reach Fort Inevitable. Make arrangements of when and where to meet Droz if they decide to continue on with his caravan.
  • Find out info about “spire”. Get local rumors and such.
  • Pay fee to get “Adventuring Writ” under the group name of “The Panzers”. Pay for extra members.
  • Group goes to The Helmed Lady Inn. Get lodgings.
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