Terrandor is a world still reeling in the aftermath of the Otherwar and the subsequent departure of it’s divine creators.

At the beginning, a cabal of young sibling gods awoke. Having only ghostly recollections of any time before, they created Terrandor together. Setting life upon it, they each shepherded their chosen people closely and the first great civilizations began.

Unfortunately, the young gods alliances fractured, and they began to plot against one another, leading their people into strife, as well. This continued until the Others and their servants, the titans, appeared. Coming from beyond the boundaries of existence, the Others took advantage of the conflict and worked to undo the foundations of the world.

After several of their own had perished and the siblings discovered the true nature of their adversaries, they combined their power to seal the Others from existence. They saved the world that they had created, but doing so also sealed them away from it, and now Terrandor begins a new age, in the wake of lost gods.

Terrandor: Wake of the Gods

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